collaboration with Barneby Gates for Design Lab AW16 with Barneby Gates Bluebell three seat sofa in Owl linen, Bluebell armchair in Owl woven, Ottoman footstool in Owl linen

I do love hearing about exciting new collaborations and when they’re with up and coming designers then that’s even better (because everyone loves an underdog). It’s for this very reason that the Design Lab from gets a big thumbs up from me! ūüĎćūüŹľ

The bi-annual initiative by teams up with UK textile designers to create beautiful¬†limited edition collections. These exclusive ranges pair¬†the stylish¬†furniture designs of with fabrics designed by fresh, new talent. Their AW16 collection¬†with design duo Barneby Gates¬†launches next month but I’ve had a sneak peek and decided it’s too good to keep to myself!

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Feioi’s…falling for flamingos

Cole & Son Contemporary Restyled Flamingos wallpaper

Hurrah – it’s the end of the month and that¬†means payday! And to top it all off we’ve got a long weekend in the UK – yay! If you fancy treating yourself to a little housey gift then look no further. The #FeioiFinds series is a monthly wishlist of lovely homeware and interiors goodies that I’ve been falling in love with.

This month, I’ve gone a bit bonkers for flamingos. It seems I’m not the only one as flamingo themed homewares are literally ERRRRYWHERE at the moment. Plus it follows on nicely from last week’s post all about adding pink to your home. If you’re feeling like one of your rooms is lacking a certain something that you can’t quite put your finger on, perhaps¬†a majestic pink bird on one leg is exactly what it needs.

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Rose tinted interiors

Wild Wood ‚Äď Cumulus lampshade ¬£47.95, Gooseneck lamp ¬£59.95, 746 phone ¬£49.95, all in concrete grey from Wild & Wolf

Pink – it’s the ultimate love/hate colour. Crimson, magenta, fuchsia, blush, rose, whatever you call it…it’s still pink. For some, this is a wonderful thing but for others it’s barf city. No other colour conjures up so many connotations, mostly because it seems so naturally associated with all things feminine. There has been many a time when a¬†client has stipulated ‘NO PINK!’ for fear of a tacky, ultra saccharine, ‘girly’ appearance. With the increasing rise of feminist culture, many women steer clear of pink aiming for a more sophisticated look, not wanting to appear ‘too girly’. Specifically in interiors, neutral schemes are generally favoured with what could¬†be deemed more masculine (or at least, genderless) styles of monochrome, navy and grey being most popular. I do believe pink¬†has it’s place in the home, or at least some homes, and it can look beautiful in the right place. What I don’t believe is that there should be particular colours or styles reserved for certain genders or sexual orientations. These days, men wear make up and Vetements has women dressing like DHL drivers so if we can blur¬†the lines in fashion, why not interiors?

Having said that, there aren’t many of us that would happily live in a candy floss land of pink and people are generally more cautious with interiors as they are with fashion as it seems so much more permanent. So how do you do pink in interiors while staying as classy as San Diego?

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The new upholstery range from Heal’s

I do love a good sofa. And I also love new stuff! So when I was asked to check out the shiny new upholstery collection from Heal’s, I was all too happy to oblige.

As well as a wide range of carefully curated designer products, Heal’s also have their own range of¬†furniture and accessories. Known for their design-forward style, the in-house products are designed and manufactured exclusively for Heal’s and hold their own amongst the other big name brands that the store¬†carries. I was eager to see the new upholstery collection and I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s a little taster…

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As featured on Houzz – A Beginner‚Äôs Guide to Planning Your Own Bespoke Joinery Project

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzMy latest feature has been published on Houzz and this month I’ve put together some tips and advice on how to design, plan and project manage your own custom made¬†furniture.¬†A Beginner‚Äôs Guide to Planning Your Own Bespoke Joinery Project covers the things to think about and decisions you’ll need to consider when undertaking a joinery project so that you can get exactly what you want with minimal stress. Like the sound of that? Read on…

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The new collection from Neptune

It’s been a little over seven months since I started blogging and I have to say, it’s been pretty good actually! My posts seem to be going down well, I’m gaining something of a following,¬†and the lovely people at Houzz liked it so much, they asked me to write features for them, which means I’m officially¬†a professional writer! *hair flick*

Neptune Autumn/Winter 2016

One of the best things about being an interiors blogger is that I get to hear about new exciting products and events in the interiors world. I was delighted to be invited to some press shows recently, the first of which I attended last month, including the Autumn/Winter 2016 preview from Neptune.

The new collection featured some really smart new furniture pieces, gorgeous new fabrics and the new Mustard paint colour. Neptune had taken over a gallery space and impressively transformed the empty shell into a stunning showcase featuring both new and existing products. The displays cleverly demonstrated how to mix things up and think outside the box in terms of form and function. Here’s the run down…

Feature image courtesy of Neptune.

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Feioi’s falling for…marble

From fire to stone…last month, Feioi Finds was all about fire bowls – if you missed it, catch it here – and now I’m falling for everything marble.¬†There are endless ways you can use marble in interiors, from kitchen worktops and bathroom tiles to furniture and accessories. It’s a trend that’s been around for a while but I have a feeling it’s not going anywhere. Join me in a celebration of everything marbley!

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As featured on Houzz – 14 Essential Things to Consider When Painting a Room

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzThings looking a bit tired? Kids drawn on the walls? Realised you actually hate magnolia? There¬†are plenty of reasons to redecorate (not that you even need a reason) but the most important thing is that you want to make sure it looks freakin’ awesome when it’s done. It’s not the most difficult thing to fix if you’re not happy with the result but wouldn’t it be nice to get it right first time?

Choosing a paint colour can be anything from exciting and fun to overwhelming and downright stressful, not to mention there’s actually loads of other stuff to think about besides¬†wall colour. So put the paint brush¬†down and read my guide to 14 Essential Things to Consider When Painting¬†a Room as featured on Houzz.

Feature image: Sigmar via Houzz

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My favourite interiors shops in Cambridge

As you may or may not know, I reside in the beautiful city of Cambridge. One of the best things about Cambridge is the variety of independent shops and local businesses in the area from fashion to food to, most importantly, interiors. Being self-employed, I understand the importance of supporting local independent businesses so I decided to write a post featuring some of my favourite interiors shops and companies in the Cambridge area. There are far too many to list them all but these are my personal favourites.

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