Rose tinted interiors

Wild Wood – Cumulus lampshade £47.95, Gooseneck lamp £59.95, 746 phone £49.95, all in concrete grey from Wild & Wolf

Pink – it’s the ultimate love/hate colour. Crimson, magenta, fuchsia, blush, rose, whatever you call it…it’s still pink. For some, this is a wonderful thing but for others it’s barf city. No other colour conjures up so many connotations, mostly because it seems so naturally associated with all things feminine. There has been many a time when a client has stipulated ‘NO PINK!’ for fear of a tacky, ultra saccharine, ‘girly’ appearance. With the increasing rise of feminist culture, many women steer clear of pink aiming for a more sophisticated look, not wanting to appear ‘too girly’. Specifically in interiors, neutral schemes are generally favoured with what could be deemed more masculine (or at least, genderless) styles of monochrome, navy and grey being most popular. I do believe pink has it’s place in the home, or at least some homes, and it can look beautiful in the right place. What I don’t believe is that there should be particular colours or styles reserved for certain genders or sexual orientations. These days, men wear make up and Vetements has women dressing like DHL drivers so if we can blur the lines in fashion, why not interiors?

Having said that, there aren’t many of us that would happily live in a candy floss land of pink and people are generally more cautious with interiors as they are with fashion as it seems so much more permanent. So how do you do pink in interiors while staying as classy as San Diego?

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