No headboard? No problem!

There’s nothing quite like a magnificent headboard on a statement bed. Whether it’s the plush upholstered kind, a rustic wooden one or a cool, industrial-style iron bed frame, it finishes off a look and gives a real sense of the overall design style. However, there are many reasons why you might find yourself without a headboard. Perhaps you’re renting and just have a plain divan bed. Perhaps you’re tight on space and can’t afford those few extra inches. Perhaps it’s a budget issue. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for something a little unconventional.

Whatever the reason for the empty space behind your bed, try one of these ideas on for size. Who needs a headboard when your bed can look like this?

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As featured on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Managing an Upholstery Project

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzMy latest article for Houzz has dropped and it’s a goodie (if I do say so myself). Everyone loves a bit of upholstery and the options for bespoke and customised pieces is increasing all the time. Not to mention the recent surge of upcycling, with reupholstery being the ideal way to revive old furniture.

However, the idea of taking on such a project can be a little confusing when you look into it. There’s much more to think about than simply which fabric to choose. A Beginner’s Guide to Managing an Upholstery Project covers my hints and tips to stay on the ball as well as the common pitfalls to avoid.

Feature image: UBER Interiors via Houzz

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