As featured on Houzz – 13 Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Designer Look on a Budget

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzA bespoke designer is the absolute dream of house goals for many people, me included. However, for most, budgets simply do not stretch that far…me included. So for my latest feature for Houzz, I’ve written an article full of tips and tricks to give your kitchen the look and feel of a designer kitchen on a budget.

Feature image from Cream & Black Interior Design via Houzz

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As featured on Houzz – 10 Snazzy Styling Tips for Your Mantelpiece

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on Houzz

During these wintery months, there’s nothing quite like the flickering flames of a cosy fire to warm things up. For those lucky enough to have one that is. Whether your fireplace is a magnificent original beauty or a sleek, contemporary piece, it’s probably one of the best focal points a room can have.

My latest feature for Houzz is titled 10 Snazzy Styling Tips for Your Mantelpiece and it’s full of tips and ideas to help you make your fireplace look beautiful.

Feature image: Drummonds Bathrooms via Houzz

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As featured on Houzz – kitchen bins and laundry baskets

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzWell first off can I just wish you all a very Happy New Year! It’s a few days late but this is my first post of 2017 so what you gonna do? It’s been a year since I started blogging and it’s been a lot more fun than I expected leading to loads of opportunities, including writing for Houzz. My articles have generated a lot of interest and I’m pleased to say that many of them now appear in their ‘Most Popular‘ section! It’s so lovely to hear when readers enjoy the features and find them useful, so thank you to everyone that reads, likes, follows and shares. You’re all super stars!

At the end of last year I had two articles published on Houzz that I didn’t get round to featuring here on my own blog so this one is a twofer! The first, 10 Smart Storage Tips for Your Kitchen Bins, covers some neat tips and ideas to tackle your kitchen bin storage. The second is 10 Smart and Stylish Ways to Store Your Laundry Baskets, which looks at a variety of different ways and locations to store your laundry baskets.

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As featured on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Heating a Cold Kitchen on Any Budget

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzBrrrrr! It’s getting a bit nippy out there! We’re well and truly into the beautifully instagrammable season of Autumn with its golden leaves and dusky skies. However, with the clocks going back this weekend, Christmas displays in the shops and the ever-dropping temperature, I think we can safely say that Winter is coming. I love Autumn and I love Christmas but for me, the cold is unwelcome. I’d rather be a cooked chicken than a frozen one. Still, on the plus side, there’s nothing like getting your cosy on at home when it’s freezing outside.

Getting toasty in your living room or bedroom is easy, but what about the kitchen? With all it’s hard surfaces, cold floors and external walls, the kitchen can be a chilly space in some homes, and who wants that? No one, that’s who. My latest feature on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Heating a Cold Kitchen on Any Budget – explores a range of ways to warm up a chilly cookspace so that you can stay cosy in your kitchen this winter.

Feature image: Rencraft via Houzz

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As featured on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Wall Panelling

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzOh dear, it’s happened again. Another week, and no blog post. Sorry! If any of you made it down to designjunction last week then you will have seen the reason why I’ve slightly dropped the ball in the blogging department, but hopefully you’ll agree it was worth it.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my latest Houzz feature which covers everything you need to know about installing your own wall panelling. If you’re looking to add an interesting feature to your home and fancy a DIY challenge, this could be right up your street. Read A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Wall Panelling to make sure you’re fully prepared to handle this like a total pro.

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The SmartHouzz designed by Feioi for designjunction16

The SmartHouzz at designjunction

For those of you that follow me on social media (and if you don’t, why the hell not?) you may have seen that I have an exciting new project coming up this month in conjunction with Houzz. As one of the headline partners at designjunction, Houzz will be unveiling their SmartHouzz on Granary Square, Kings Cross for the duration of the exhibition that takes place 22-25 September. I was delighted to be asked to collaborate with Houzz on the design and to project manage the work to bring all the ideas to a reality.

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As featured on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Planning Your Own Bespoke Joinery Project

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzMy latest feature has been published on Houzz and this month I’ve put together some tips and advice on how to design, plan and project manage your own custom made furniture. A Beginner’s Guide to Planning Your Own Bespoke Joinery Project covers the things to think about and decisions you’ll need to consider when undertaking a joinery project so that you can get exactly what you want with minimal stress. Like the sound of that? Read on…

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As featured on Houzz – 14 Essential Things to Consider When Painting a Room

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzThings looking a bit tired? Kids drawn on the walls? Realised you actually hate magnolia? There are plenty of reasons to redecorate (not that you even need a reason) but the most important thing is that you want to make sure it looks freakin’ awesome when it’s done. It’s not the most difficult thing to fix if you’re not happy with the result but wouldn’t it be nice to get it right first time?

Choosing a paint colour can be anything from exciting and fun to overwhelming and downright stressful, not to mention there’s actually loads of other stuff to think about besides wall colour. So put the paint brush down and read my guide to 14 Essential Things to Consider When Painting a Room as featured on Houzz.

Feature image: Sigmar via Houzz

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Introducing the new Houzz UK office

Oops…I appear to have neglected the blog recently and haven’t posted for a while. There’s lots going on at Feioi with exciting new projects and ventures. I’ve been attending events this week and chatting to lots of lovely people so I’ve got lots to tell you about!

Beautifully decorated desks at the Houzz party

Beautifully decorated desks at the Houzz party

I felt very fortunate to have been invited to the Houzz UK party at their new London office yesterday. As well as being a Houzz-warming (get it?!) party to show off their fabulous new office space, the celebration marked an incredible 2 year anniversary of Houzz UK, during which time I’ve seen it grow from just a small team of a few people to the incredible success that they are today.

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As featured on Houzz – A Complete Guide to Managing a Tiling Project

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzTiling is one of those key elements in interior design that can make or break your room and unlike other features, it’s a difficult one to change once it has been done. This means you’ll want to make sure it’s done right first time as trying to make alterations after the fact can be both expensive and time consuming. Apologies if this sounds a lot like scaremongering. I think we’ve had quite enough of that lately.

Don’t let my words of warning put you off. Being aware of the pitfalls are just the first step and planning for problems means you’re in the right mindset. As always, I’m here to help and this time in the form of another article on Houzz. A Complete Guide to Managing a Tiling Project covers the basic guidelines to help you plan a tiling job. From walls to floors, kitchens to bathrooms, these concepts apply to most tiling projects and can help you guide you through all the things you need to think about. Success – here we come!

Feature image: Studio Moran via Houzz

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