Feioi’s falling for…marble

From fire to stone…last month, Feioi Finds was all about fire bowls – if you missed it, catch it here – and now I’m falling for everything marble. There are endless ways you can use marble in interiors, from kitchen worktops and bathroom tiles to furniture and accessories. It’s a trend that’s been around for a while but I have a feeling it’s not going anywhere. Join me in a celebration of everything marbley!

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As featured on Houzz – 14 Essential Things to Consider When Painting a Room

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzThings looking a bit tired? Kids drawn on the walls? Realised you actually hate magnolia? There are plenty of reasons to redecorate (not that you even need a reason) but the most important thing is that you want to make sure it looks freakin’ awesome when it’s done. It’s not the most difficult thing to fix if you’re not happy with the result but wouldn’t it be nice to get it right first time?

Choosing a paint colour can be anything from exciting and fun to overwhelming and downright stressful, not to mention there’s actually loads of other stuff to think about besides wall colour. So put the paint brush down and read my guide to 14 Essential Things to Consider When Painting a Room as featured on Houzz.

Feature image: Sigmar via Houzz

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My favourite interiors shops in Cambridge

As you may or may not know, I reside in the beautiful city of Cambridge. One of the best things about Cambridge is the variety of independent shops and local businesses in the area from fashion to food to, most importantly, interiors. Being self-employed, I understand the importance of supporting local independent businesses so I decided to write a post featuring some of my favourite interiors shops and companies in the Cambridge area. There are far too many to list them all but these are my personal favourites.

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Introducing the new Houzz UK office

Oops…I appear to have neglected the blog recently and haven’t posted for a while. There’s lots going on at Feioi with exciting new projects and ventures. I’ve been attending events this week and chatting to lots of lovely people so I’ve got lots to tell you about!

Beautifully decorated desks at the Houzz party
Beautifully decorated desks at the Houzz party

I felt very fortunate to have been invited to the Houzz UK party at their new London office yesterday. As well as being a Houzz-warming (get it?!) party to show off their fabulous new office space, the celebration marked an incredible 2 year anniversary of Houzz UK, during which time I’ve seen it grow from just a small team of a few people to the incredible success that they are today.

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The new collection from Loaf

Hi all!

Just a quick one to let you all know about the new collection that has just dropped at Loaf. There are 50 brand-spanking new and totally fabulous products that are giving me all kinds of smiles this morning. Take a look at a selection of my favourites below including the gorgeous Young Bean sofa and the Chuckler chairs – dining chairs that look stylish and comfortable, a rare find! You can see the whole collection on the Loaf website or at their Battersea Loaf Shack.


J x

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As featured on Houzz – A Complete Guide to Managing a Tiling Project

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzTiling is one of those key elements in interior design that can make or break your room and unlike other features, it’s a difficult one to change once it has been done. This means you’ll want to make sure it’s done right first time as trying to make alterations after the fact can be both expensive and time consuming. Apologies if this sounds a lot like scaremongering. I think we’ve had quite enough of that lately.

Don’t let my words of warning put you off. Being aware of the pitfalls are just the first step and planning for problems means you’re in the right mindset. As always, I’m here to help and this time in the form of another article on Houzz. A Complete Guide to Managing a Tiling Project covers the basic guidelines to help you plan a tiling job. From walls to floors, kitchens to bathrooms, these concepts apply to most tiling projects and can help you guide you through all the things you need to think about. Success – here we come!

Feature image: Studio Moran via Houzz

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Feioi’s falling for…fire bowls

Last month saw the introduction of Feioi Finds – a curated collection of some lovely wish-list-worthy items for your viewing pleasure. I was falling for some gorgeous mirrors in May and this month I’m turning my attention to the great outdoors.

Come on baby, light my fire

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? We certainly do in our house, and it’s so lovely to spend time outdoors when the weather is good enough. As darkness descends on a cool summer’s eve, there’s nothing like a blazing fire to keep the party going. Just because the sun has gone to bed, doesn’t mean we have to! We’ve been shopping around for fire bowls and baskets so I thought I’d use the opportunity to share my #FeioiFinds with you!

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No headboard? No problem!

There’s nothing quite like a magnificent headboard on a statement bed. Whether it’s the plush upholstered kind, a rustic wooden one or a cool, industrial-style iron bed frame, it finishes off a look and gives a real sense of the overall design style. However, there are many reasons why you might find yourself without a headboard. Perhaps you’re renting and just have a plain divan bed. Perhaps you’re tight on space and can’t afford those few extra inches. Perhaps it’s a budget issue. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for something a little unconventional.

Whatever the reason for the empty space behind your bed, try one of these ideas on for size. Who needs a headboard when your bed can look like this?

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Ingenious ways to store your bike

Hands up – who owns a bike? I’m one of many cyclists in Cambridge, and I pootle around the city when the weather’s decent. Mine’s not a particularly fancy bike but I adore the big wicker basket on the front which I can fill with bunches of flowers and baguette sticks as I cycle around waving at people. Ok, it’s not quite like that but you get the idea. With Tour de France approaching in just a couple of weeks, it’s got me thinking about the rest of us. Whether you’re a leisurely, fair weather cyclist like me, or a hardcore racing cyclist, or an off-roading mountain biker, or a commuting cyclist, or you just own a bike but never actually use it (you know who you are), we all have one common problem – where to store your bike?

Basically, you have three options – on the wall, up high or outside. Check out these ingenious storage solutions for your wheels.

Feature image: via Dwell

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