As featured on Houzz – 13 Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Designer Look on a Budget

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzA bespoke designer is the absolute dream of house goals for many people, me included. However, for most, budgets simply do not stretch that far…me included. So for my latest feature for Houzz, I’ve written an article full of tips and tricks to give your kitchen the look and feel of a designer kitchen on a budget.

Feature image from Cream & Black Interior Design via Houzz

Image from Cream & Black Interior Design via Houzz

Whether you don’t have the budget for a fancy, custom made kitchen, or you’ve just moved in and the kitchen isn’t to your taste, or perhaps you live in a rented property and can’t make changes yourself. Well have a little read – there’s something for everyone! Neat storage solutions, decorating tips and stylish enhancements to make the most of what you have.

Image from Sola Kitchens via Houzz

Have a browse of the beautifully designed kitchens on the Houzz site to give you some inspiration and design ideas to be applied to your own home.

Image from Fresh Photo House via Houzz

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Think you’ll be giving any of these ideas a go? Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the article!

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4 Replies to “As featured on Houzz – 13 Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Designer Look on a Budget”

  1. Every home owner should follow this post. It will give them different tips on home improvements. And what’s best about it is that those tips will be every helpful when you’re in a tight budget.

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  2. These design tips are great, but there’s also a lot of under the hood work that goes into a designer kitchen. Plumbing and heating upgrades can make the day to day running of your kitchen incredibly easy and efficient and can solve many issues with your drainage or temperature. This plus your storage tips can create a slick, refreshed kitchen space.


  3. Well, the kitchen is one of such room in the house where the ornamental deception can have the huge visual influence. Most of us hesitate to design their kitchen, just because they think that it can be expensive. But I would like to tell that a kitchen can also be designed on a tight budget. But to keep everything within the budget we should begin the process with right layout with out neglecting the details. In addition to that we should know when to rampage and also hire a professional in order to receive an long-run effectual result.


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