As featured on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Heating a Cold Kitchen on Any Budget

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzBrrrrr! It’s getting a bit nippy out there! We’re well and truly into the beautifully instagrammable season of Autumn with its golden leaves and dusky skies. However, with the clocks going back this weekend, Christmas displays in the shops and the ever-dropping temperature, I think we can safely say that Winter is coming. I love Autumn and I love Christmas but for me, the cold is unwelcome. I’d rather be a cooked chicken than a frozen one. Still, on the plus side, there’s nothing like getting your cosy on at home when it’s freezing outside.

Getting toasty in your living room or bedroom is easy, but what about the kitchen? With all it’s hard surfaces, cold floors and external walls, the kitchen can be a chilly space in some homes, and who wants that? No one, that’s who. My latest feature on Houzz – A Beginner’s Guide to Heating a Cold Kitchen on Any Budget – explores a range of ways to warm up a chilly cookspace so that you can stay cosy in your kitchen this winter.

Feature image: Rencraft via Houzz

macdonald wright architects
Image via Houzz

There are loads of different ways to make your kitchen warmer, either by introducing heat or by preventing the cold. Read the article to find out about things to consider when choosing radiators or installing underfloor heating, as well as alternative options like plinth heaters and wood burning stoves.

The Old School House- Cambridgeshire
Image via Houzz

I’ve also looked at ways to identify and seal off draughts and sources of cold air that could be making your kitchen feel chilly. With older buildings in particular, this can be a significant factor and you’d be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

Scandinavian Renovation
Image via Houzz

When it comes to heating a kitchen, I had to mention the Aga. It’s always been a divisive topic and has sparked quite the debate in the comments section!

Browse the stunning images below to get inspired or click here to see the article in full.

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Stay cosy peeps!

J x

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