The new collection from Neptune

It’s been a little over seven months since I started blogging and I have to say, it’s been pretty good actually! My posts seem to be going down well, I’m gaining something of a following, and the lovely people at Houzz liked it so much, they asked me to write features for them, which means I’m officially a professional writer! *hair flick*

Neptune Autumn/Winter 2016

One of the best things about being an interiors blogger is that I get to hear about new exciting products and events in the interiors world. I was delighted to be invited to some press shows recently, the first of which I attended last month, including the Autumn/Winter 2016 preview from Neptune.

The new collection featured some really smart new furniture pieces, gorgeous new fabrics and the new Mustard paint colour. Neptune had taken over a gallery space and impressively transformed the empty shell into a stunning showcase featuring both new and existing products. The displays cleverly demonstrated how to mix things up and think outside the box in terms of form and function. Here’s the run down…

Feature image courtesy of Neptune.

Extra hot mustard

A display of Neptune's own brand of paint colours

A magnificent wall of paint cans formed this creative display as I entered the gallery. In the centre, the hot new paint shade Mustard took pride of place as well as being painted onto the adjoining wall. The deep ochre hue features heavily in the new collection, both as a paint colour and within Neptune’s fabric range. It’s an unusual addition in my opinion – Neptune is well known for its classic, traditional style with the majority of paint colours being fairly neutral. However, it works well with many of their existing products, sitting comfortably amongst greys, navy and teal. This is a strong, earthy, autumnal yellow and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, I believe it will be welcomed by many who love Neptune’s timeless pieces but crave something a little more unexpected in colour and fabric.

The new Isla Finch cotton velvet was draped over a ladder to reveal its sumptuous quality and intense colour, as well as being used to upholster some of their new furniture pieces such as the Arthur footstool (of which a new larger size will soon be available). The recurring colour also appeared as a new shade of their popular linen (as seen above on a cushion) and as a colourway of their new Emma printed linen in a traditional floral design. The muted tones on the linens are beautiful and subtle, but the mustard really does look fabulous as a velvet for those with a bolder disposition.

New fabrics and cushions

The new collection focuses largely on Neptune’s ‘in colours’ of the season – the new Mustard and dark grey, primarily the existing paint shade Smoke. Fabrics in tones of these shades complement the paint colours as well as new and existing furniture and accessories. The Amelia armchair on the left was spotted at the head of the table, upholstered in the new Emma printed linen but this time in Dove – a soft, classic grey. Autumn/Winter 16 also sees the introduction of leather into Neptune’s repertoire with a classy tan leather used to upholster their new Caspar armchair. Linen, velvet and wool checks comprise the new textiles and these were on display as pools of fabric as well as scatter cushions. Above, a collection of cushions is seen accessorising a series of Neptune’s storage stools arranged to create an upholstered bench. It’s a lovely, versatile idea allowing you to break them up for use around the house as and when you need them.

Expect the unexpected

Mixing things up is definitely a key message in Neptune’s AW16 campaign. The displays and room sets showcased inspiring ideas that encourage one to think outside the box with design in general and also with regards to the form and function of specific pieces. Many pieces were presented to demonstrate how they can be used in ways other than their intended purpose. And I loved it.

Everyone knows what to do with a coffee table or a side table, but Neptune had some surprises up their sleeves. A nest of tables stacked one on top of the other creates a cool shelving unit and some upturned side tables fixed to the wall transforms a classic kitchen into an industrial, modern space. Two coffee tables are also stacked to form a kitchen island unit with useful open shelves, and kitchen unit carcasses were painted and fixed to the wall in the bedroom set as open shelves.

The new Carter range, as seen above, features vintage oak tops with blackened steel frame bases, creating an industrial style collection of tables. It’s a cool modern look with clean lines but the use of vintage wood softens the look, giving it a rustic feel. The contemporary range is a step outside Neptune’s comfort zone but not so far that it jars against existing pieces. For me, it’s a welcome addition to their range.

The new collection is a refreshing lift to Neptune’s usual style without diverging too far from their signature look. While there is nothing wrong with their traditional, classic pieces, Neptune have listened to their customers and given them something a little different while staying true to their brand style – whether it’s injecting a little colour, launching pieces in a wider choice of sizes or offering more customisable features such as contrast piping options. For me personally, the AW16 collection is a good one, if a little heavy on the mustard at times. Nonetheless, just like a good burger, the mustard is optional and if it’s not to your taste there’s plenty to choose from, and all with the reassuringly good quality and design that you associate with Neptune. It’s a thumbs up from me!

J x

The new collection will be available on the Neptune website and in stores from September 2016.

All images property of Feioi unless otherwise noted.

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