Loafing around in Battersea

A few weeks ago, the lovely Joanna at Loaf kindly invited me to have a snoop around their gorgeous shack in Battersea and the experience was wonderful! I had a great chat with Joanna, a proper nosy around and spent quite a lot of time ‘testing’ out their super comfy sofas! Let me tell you all about it…

Welcome to the Battersea Loaf shack!

A warm welcome
The Loaf Battersea shack - entrance
Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a giant teddy bear demanding a hug?

Upon entering, you know immediately that this is no ordinary showroom. Loaf are a company that like to do things their own way and their showroom, or slowroom as they call it, is evidence of their unique laidback approach. The vast array of products are spread out comfortably and visitors are encouraged to make themselves at home and settle into a seat of their choice for as long as they like. There’s no high-pressure sales patter or judgmental snootiness, just some very friendly, smiley staff.

Fabulous furniture

Loaf are known for their super-squishy furniture that’s perfect for loafing – beds, sofas and armchairs – but they have also expanded into dining furniture, storage pieces and accessories. The main central area is an inviting display of their living room furniture guaranteed to bring out the lazy in you. Having trekked around London for much of the afternoon, I sank into the Jonesy sofa and was in serious danger of not ever getting up again.

Towards the back, stylish room sets fill a series of alcoves, cleverly displaying the variety of their products and how they can work together in different colour schemes and interiors styles.

Touchy-feely fabrics

One of the great things about buying furniture from a place like Loaf is that you can customise your piece with your own choice of fabric. The shack has a huge array of colourful fabrics in everything from classic cotton to luxurious velvets. Samples are available for you to take away and staff are on hand to provide advice and suggestions when you’re overwhelmed by choice!

I’m just gonna lie down here for a bit

When it comes to mattresses, I can get a bit geeky. Maybe I’ll write a post about it to bore you all with my random knowledge. For now, I will say that I would never ever recommend buying a mattress without testing it and Loaf have a perfect area for you to do so. As you can see from the figures above, they have tried and tested many, many mattresses and have narrowed it down to these six options so that their customers aren’t inundated with options. Have a little lie down in this secluded area in the corner and gaze up at the wire mesh clouds suspended from the ceiling. In fact, Joanna told me a customer once had to be woken up in their mattress area so you can’t really get a better review than that!

Loaf’s mattresses tick a lot of boxes – pocket sprung, all natural fibres, British made, choice of firmness, and a reasonable price. The only bug bear I have is that they’re not flippable but overall they’re pretty good quality and great value for money.

More than just furniture

If you love the Loaf style but aren’t looking to invest in a larger piece at this time, there are loads of other lovely goodies for you to peruse and purchase in the showroom. Browse their beautiful ceramics including lots of wibbly wobbly plates and mugs (which I LOVE!) and there are smaller storage pieces and accessories like wall shelves and footstools. Cosy up with a new super soft blanket or freshen up your bed with some new bed linen. There’s plenty to be tempted with…so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

And there’s more!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, there’s a little passageway at the back into yet more Loafy goodness with little desk set ups, an art room and a not-so-secret TV room at the back where I happily updated myself on the Wimbledon score. It’s a fun touch to an already quirky showroom and I imagine kids love it. It runs under the railway tracks and you can hear the trains rumbling overhead as you duck under the low tunnels…that is until I realised I am in fact short enough that I actually don’t need to stoop down at all. 😳

The best bit

Charlie’s Churnery has got to be the best bit about the Loaf Battersea shack. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be all about the interiors but the truth is the way to this girl’s heart is through her stomach. Treat yourself to a yummy Jude’s ice cream while you have a loaf around or there’s a super fun play area at the back to keep little ones (or the odd big kid) entertained so the whole family’s happy!

Convinced? Pop down to Queenstown Road and experience it for yourself! Or perhaps visit the new Notting Hill shack that just opened a couple of weeks ago. I plan to pop in soon and will report back but if the Battersea shack is anything to go by, it’s bound to be a corker.

J x

Side note: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to visit the showroom and these are all my genuine opinions.

All images property of Feioi (which is why they’re a bit blurry and rubbish)

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