10 rooms you’ll wish you had as a kid

Can you remember your first bedroom? I think mine had wallpaper of clouds and balloons with pink carpet. To be fair, it could have been much worse, and I remember that wallpaper fondly. These days, kids rooms are being taken to whole new levels and I don’t know if it’s style conscious parents or a new breed of ultra cool toddlers, but the bar has certainly been raised since my day. God I sound old.

Take a look at these ridiculously cool rooms that you’ll wish you had as a kid. Actually, if we’re being honest, I’d take some of these as my bedroom now (see no.2).

Spoiler alert: play tents feature quite a lot. You may recall that they have appeared in previous posts Earning your stripes and A touch of black. I think I may have a problem…

1. The room with a neutral base
MIDI size teepee by Moozle from Etsy
MIDI size teepee by Moozle

I’m in love with the teepee tents from Moozle. I’ve just discovered this company based in the Netherlands and their products are delightful! Fortunately for all of us, they deliver internationally and are fairly reasonable with the plain MIDI size featured here for £145.00.

This gorgeous room is filled with lovely accessories, from the adorable cloud cushion to the fun wall art, which all help to create a sweet, light-hearted bedroom and play area. However, look beyond the bright and pastel colours and you’ll notice that the base wall and floor coverings are a neutral, grown-up taupe. Assuming the little clouds on the wall are wall stickers that can be removed, this room can easily evolve and adapt as the child gets older by simply changing the accessories.

2. The room with a classy colour scheme
Child's bedroom by norsu interiors
Child’s bedroom by norsu interiors

The combination of soft grey, blush pink and rose gold accents have been used in this stylish bedroom featuring furniture and accessories from Australian based online boutique norsu interiors. It’s a fairly grown-up colour scheme but works perfectly for a child with the sweet little sofa and ice cream tones, providing a beautiful, calm environment for them to grow up in. Again, all you need to do is remove the toys and you have a lovely bedroom for an older child or even a chic guest room.

3. The room with sneaky storage
Go Modern Furniture - NIDI Solutions Lila bunk bed
Go Modern Furniture – NIDI Solutions Lila bunk bed

Considering how little they are, kids do seem to accumulate quite a lot of stuff! Toys, games, craft materials, school supplies, clothes, sports equipment – I think it’s safe to say that storage is key when planning interiors with kids. This cool, scandi style bedroom features the Lila bunk bed from Go Modern Furniture made by Battistella in Italy. The staircase cleverly wraps around the back of the bed and features hidden storage beneath the lift up lids. You can’t see it from this image but there is also a cupboard and desk underneath making it the ultimate space-saver. The piece is modular so can be customised to suit your needs and comes in a range of colours.

I love the raindrop wallpaper defining the bedroom area and the geometric bedding is both fun and trendy.

4. The room that’s all about playtime
BIG teepee tent without poles by Moozle on Etsy
BIG teepee tent by Moozle

It has a bed so it’s *technically* a bedroom but this it’s really more like a play room with a bed in it rather than a bedroom with a play area. And actually, that’s pretty awesome. Featuring another gorgeous teepee from Moozle, this time it’s a BIG one, the room is mostly monochrome complemented by a mint green geometric feature wall and some sugary pastel decorations.

5. The room with a tent bed
Idyll Home - Children's tent bed in cream
Idyll Home – Children’s tent bed in cream

I told you tents would feature a lot. This incredible tent bed from Idyll Home is both a cosy sleeping nook and a secluded hideaway for a lucky little one. The fabric canopy can be held up on two poles, let down to cover the side, or rolled up and fastened with straps. It also has an additional pull out bed underneath for sleepovers. With a bed like this, I’ll bet this kid has friends queuing up for sleepovers!

6. The room full of colour
Candy Blast single duvet cover set from Snurk Beddengoed
A colourful room featuring Candy Blast single duvet cover set from Snurk Beddengoed

Here is a room that offers a refreshing burst of colour amongst the increasing trend of cool greys and pastel shades. It’s true that this style of interior may have less longevity but with the right furniture and accessories, I think it still could be adapted for a teen. In the meantime, this bright and fun space is bound to put a smile on any kid’s face with the fabulous Candy Blast bedding from Dutch company Snurk taking centre stage. Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility should parents encounter any issues enforcing the ‘no sweets in bed’ rule.

7. The room with a climbing wall
Modern Bend Oregon Home-Kids Bedroom
That’s one way to tire them out before bed. Image from Karen Smuland Architect via Houzz.

For the active kid with an abundance of energy, installing a climbing wall makes this a bedroom / adventure playground. I can see possible safety issues with them climbing without supervision but the idea is fantastic!

8. The room to fly away with
Puerta de Hierro
By Covadonga Cánovas via Houzz

Fly away with this fantasy land of a room filled with floating hot air balloons suspended from the ceiling. The end to end day beds make great use of the space and create a lovely, inviting seating area to spend time during the day whether playing, studying or reading.

Also, I need that hippo in my life!

9. The room in black and white
Monochrome kid's room by norsu interiors
Monochrome kid’s room by norsu interiors

Who would have thought black walls in a kid’s room would look so good? A monochrome scheme is the epitome of cool. Add bright accessories for a pop of colour or stay true to the black and white theme as in this fine example from norsu interiors. Plenty of soft textures, shades of white and natural materials prevent it from looking too harsh and good lighting keeps it fresh and bright. This is one look that will never go out of style.

10. The room of lucky stars

This neutral room is given a lovely, cheerful quality with the use of spectacular starry wallpaper. I’m so happy to see it on all walls and not just as a feature wall, creating a real impact and giving the room a whimsical character. Beautiful!

Well…I’m pretty jealous of these kids and their stylish, fun-packed, play-tent-owning rooms. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about all the tents (#sorrynotsorry – I would have included more but had to restrain myself).

Do you share my love of teepees? Which room would you choose for yourself? Can you remember what your first room looked like? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

In the absence of a play tent, I’m off to build a blanket fort now…

J x

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