As featured on Houzz – A Complete Guide to Project Managing Your Kitchen Renovation

Jennifer Chong in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK on HouzzWhether you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, in the middle of a project or been there and done that, you’ll know that there’s a hell of a lot to think about when it comes to kitchens. Who knew? I did, that’s who. Before you come round to slap the smug look off my face, just take a look at this article I’ve written for Houzz on how to do it.

A Complete Guide to Project Managing Your Kitchen Renovation does what it says on the tin. Follow this guide and plan it all to perfection before taking the plunge. I never said it would be easy but it’s certainly not impossible.

Featured image credit: Kitchen by 102 Interiors Ltd, photography by Helen Jermyn

Apologies to 102 Interiors Ltd and Helen Jermyn as this image credit was previously missing.

Ardleigh Road
Impressive storage from Finch London

The kitchen may be the most difficult room in the house to tackle. It’s probably the most hard-working space in your home and is about so much more than cooking. The article covers all the considerations you need to take into account from how to approach the layout to electrical and plumbing plans. Functionality and aesthetics both play a big part in the kitchen so you need to wear your project management hat at the same time as your design hat from the very beginning, but everyone knows that two hats are better than one, so it’s all good.

Project management isn’t for everyone, particularly with a kitchen which can prove a bit of a toughie. If you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to run a project yourself then why not hire a professional? It’ll make everything much smoother, less stressful and will help to avoid expensive mistakes. It doesn’t have to be me (although I am very good, if I do say so myself) but there are plenty of very talented professionals out there that can help make the process easier to digest. In the meantime, enjoy perusing the stunning kitchens featured in the piece and perhaps create an ideabook of your own for your dream kitchen!

Here’s a sneak preview and just click through to read the full article on the Houzz website.

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Do you have any kitchen renovation disaster stories? Or perhaps some tips to share based on your experiences? Don’t keep it to yourself – leave a comment below!

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