15 awesome wedding gift ideas

June has snuck up out of nowhere and wedding season is well and truly upon us. I’ve already been to two this year and one of my friends has a whopping 11 weddings to attend in 2016. As a guest, weddings are lovely and fun occasions but there’s a lot to think about. What to wear? How to get there? Hat or fascinator? And very important – what to get the happy couple as a gift? Having just tied the knot last year, one of the best things about the wedding were all the wonderful gifts I (sorry, we) received afterwards. Many couples opt for gift lists, honeymoon fund donations or simply ask for cold, hard cash. However, sometimes guests are given free rein or if (and only if) you know the couple well enough, you might consider going off-list.

So back to the question – what to get? Of course, you could play it safe, but if you want to go for something a bit off-piste, here are some ideas for a truly memorable, unique gift.

Feature image: “To have and to hold” fabric ribbon, £2.95 from Live Laugh Love

For the foodie couple

There are all sorts of culinary goodies to choose from in the gift department from the classic to the quirky. Collect a few interesting pieces and create a hamper of treats for the food-loving lovers.

Personalised pieces
Personalised bone china plate from GettingPersonal.co.uk
How did they know???  Personalised bone china plate, £16.99 from GettingPersonal.co.uk

The internet is crammed full with gifts that can be personalised so find a product or two that appeals to their taste buds and you have yourself a special keepsake gift that they can actually use.

Salmon curing kit
Homemade Salmon Curing Kit from The Oak Room
Homemade Salmon Curing Kit, £22.99 from The Oak Room

This homemade salmon curing kit from The Oak Room comes with three salt mixes – smoky, beetroot and Cotswold gin – as well as curing bags, gloves and an instruction booklet. What a great activity to do together, plus all the cured salmon and scrambled egg breakfasts to fill their married life with!

Salt and pepper dinosaurs
Salt and pepper dinosaurs from Maia Ming Designs
Salt and pepper dinosaurs, €22.50 from Maia Ming Designs

Yes you heard me, salt and pepper dinosaurs. Ok, so proper foodies wouldn’t use salt and pepper shakers. They’d have Maldon sea salt flakes in a tiny bowl and pepper would be freshly ground from a mill. But seriously…how cute are these?! They’d take pride of place on any dining table, no matter how snobby one is about food.

For the wanderlusters

Everyone knows that couple that are always going on the best holidays. Put aside your travel envy and celebrate their passion with some of these gorgeous gifts.

A Smythson travel journal
Smythson travel journal
Travel journal, £165.00 from Smythson

This swanky travel journal from Smythson is such a luxurious way to document travel notes and experiences. Plus, you get to raid said notebook for all their amazing ideas when planning your own holiday! It’s a memento they can keep forever to look back on and remember all their wonderful adventures together. Take advantage of Smythson’s personalisation service to make your gift extra special. Have their initials, the wedding date or a short message printed on the book for a lovely added touch.

Luxury beach towels
Twenty Six Degrees pineapple round beach towel
Pineapple round beach towel, £75.00 from Twenty Six Degrees

Whether they’re in Bournemouth or Barbados, anyone serious about the beach is going to appreciate a luxury beach towel. You can go for one each or a personalised set but if you want to push the boat out, I’m totally loving this round pineapple beach towel from Twenty Six Degrees that’s big enough for two! Also available in a monochrome feather design or in a bright blue with starfish, shells and fish. It’s a little on the pricey side and there aren’t many people who would spend this much on a beach towel but that’s the whole point of a gift! If you know they’ll love it then it’s worth it.

Photo frames
Umbra Gridlock Photo Display from Red Candy
Umbra Gridlock Photo Display, £50.00 from Red Candy

They have to come home eventually so give them a way to reminisce about their adventures at home with a stylish photo frame. Whether it’s minimalist or a bit quirky, vintage wood or classy copper, find a frame that suits their style. I adore this Umbra gridlock display box from Red Candy with it’s 16 square sections creating an Instagram-style display for photos, keepsakes and trinkets.

For the entertainers

These are for the couple that throw the best dinner parties, the most fabulous soirées, the blowout BBQs. They love being the hosts and you love letting them. Pick one of these gifts and secure your invitation to all future events.

A show-stopping serving dish
Polka cake stand in metallic from Black by Design Ltd
Polka cake stand in metallic, £80.00 from Black by Design Ltd

When it comes to entertaining, it’s all about the oohs and aahs of stunning presentation. You really can’t go wrong with LSA and this metallic three-tiered cake stand is the perfect piece to display cakes, petit fours and nibbles. Sadly, meringues not included.

A crowd-pleasing drinks set
LSA paddle vodka serving set from Black by Design Ltd
LSA paddle vodka serving set, £89.00 from Black by Design Ltd

Another beauty by LSA from Black by Design, this paddle vodka serving set adds a touch of class to the SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! moment of the party. Inspired by the mountain bars of Tyrol, Austria, where home-brewed schnapps is served on specially crafted wooden boards, the set includes twelve elegant shot glasses surrounding an ice bucket.

An elegant coffee jug
Stelton vacuum jug in copper from Cloudberry Living
Stelton vacuum jug in copper, £105.00 from Cloudberry Living

Whether it’s after-dinner coffee or breakfast-for-two on the morning after the night before, this beautiful vacuum jug will keep coffee steaming hot as well as looking the part. The copper finish is bang on trend and the sleek design is just so cool. The screw cap also makes it perfect for picnics.

For the lazy couple

Whether your couple are party animals or the staying-in types, everyone needs a evening/day/weekend in now and then. They’re sure to thank you for these cosy gifts for their home to make duvet day a little bit snugglier.

A cosy throw
Snoozle throw from Loaf
Snoozle throw, £120.00 from Loaf

A soft throw is perfect for mooching on the sofa and the Snoozle throw from Loaf wins for its name alone! Super soft and super stylish, what more could you want?

Romantic candles
Heart tea light holder from INSPACES
Heart tea light holder, £35.00 from INSPACES

No night in is complete without candles and this adorable lidded, heart-shaped tea light holder from IN-SPACES is ideal for setting the mood.

A piece of art
I Will Love You 'Til The Cows Come Home artwork
I Will Love You ‘Til The Cows Come Home artwork, £59.00 exclusive to Rockett St George

Art is fairly personal so this is a little risky but if you know the couple well then a piece like this one from Rockett St George makes a charming, meaningful gift.

For the gift that keeps on giving

Subscriptions make great gifts and keep the joy going long after the big day. A wonderful cure to post wedding blues! Think outside the box and get something really unique and personal to the couple that you know they’ll enjoy month after month.




Not-Another-Bill collaborate with up and coming artists, designers and brands to bring exciting, surprise presents to your recipients’ post boxes once a month. You choose interests and tastes that reflect the couple, select a subscription package and provide contact details. Not-Another-Bill take care of the rest. You can choose from three, six and twelve month subscription packages or simply on a month by month basis. Exclusive, delightful gifts will then appear in the post in beautifully wrapped packages. Recent gifts include Sophie Conran secateurs and an Anthropologie dalmatian stapler.

Bloom & Wild

There’s nothing like receiving a bunch of fresh flowers and despite being a hay fever sufferer, I love how some beautiful blooms can brighten up the home. Bloom & Wild offer a subscription service from £50.00 which gives you the option to send weekly, fortnightly or monthly bouquet deliveries for three, six or twelve months.

YoCo Club
YoCo Club
YoCo Club

For the whisky aficionados in your life, what could be better than a subscription to Yoco Club? Each month, they will receive a case of three single malt scotch whiskies, tasting cards and a membership card. Packages range from one to twelve months and start at £30.00 for one month.

I hope this helped any wedding gift dilemmas you may be having. At the end of the day, if the couple have asked for cash or specific items on a list then you may as well get them what they want but for those other occasions when no guidelines are given, think outside the box and get them something a little different. Whether or not it’s a keepsake, they’ll remember it forever.

Do you have gift ideas to share? What would you love to receive as a wedding gift or do you have any disaster stories? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

J x

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