All the small things

Think of the big picture. That’s what people always say, isn’t it? Of course the big picture, and being able to visualise it, is very important when it comes to interior design project management but what about the little things? Little things can get pushed aside while considering the big picture, delayed until a later date or forgotten about completely. However, it’s the little things that turn “nice” interior design into OMG A-MAZ-ING interior design. And who doesn’t want that?

I’m not going to list eeeeeevery tiiiiiiny little detail you might want to consider. It varies so much from room to room, house to house, project to project. I’d be here forever and you’ll be bored. Instead, here are a few ideas to get you started. The rest is up to you…

Featured image: Bloomingville Gold Finish Soap Dispenser, part of the Golden range of bathroom accessories from Quince Living.

Bathroom accessories

I’m talking toilet roll holder, hooks, toilet brush…mmmmm, lovely. These are practical items and pretty essential to making sure your bathroom or cloakroom is functional, but there is no reason why you can’t add a bit of style to the situation. Things have come a long way and the lowly chrome paper holder is being challenged by stylish new products that hold their own as interiors features in their own right.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. This dude adds some quirk to your room while conveniently dispensing your toilet paper. What a guy. Hang man toilet roll holder, £11.00 from Astella Hrela.
  2. The perfect morale boost for those days when you’re not feeling quite at your peak. Hand etched shaving mirror, £35.00 from Lime Lace.
  3. A stylish addition to any industrial style bathroom. Industrial towel rail – black, medium £26.00 / large £30.00 from Rockett St George.
  4. I’ve lusted after this loo roll holder for a while (which is weird, I know) but isn’t it gorgeous? Elegant and practical – the ideal combo. Brass loo roll holder, £28.50 from Holly’s House.
  5. Inject a little vintage glam by decanting your soap into this lovely dispenser. Vintage style glass soap dispenser, £18.00 from Rockett St George.
  6. This delightful shelf is a fun yet effective way to store toilet rolls. Cloud toilet paper shelf by Lyon Beton, £89.00 from Lime Lace.
  7. The humble toilet brush has had a makeover by Piero Lissoni and the results are pretty sharp. Alessi Birillo toilet brush set with dark grey handle, £82.00 from Black by Design.
Decorating with Ironmongery – featuring Willow & Stone

Allow me to refer you to a previous blog of mine on this topic. There is a whole world of lovely little products when it comes to ironmongery. From front door furniture and door handles to window catches and cabinet pulls. It also extends to other metalwork such as curtain poles, shelf brackets and hinges. Ironmongery is an essential element to your home and putting a little thought into it can make all the difference.

Take a look at some of my ironmongery finds on the post Decorating with Ironmongery.


Ok, it’s not a small thing in terms of size but I thought it was worth a mention as a detail that is often overlooked. Unless you are fortunate enough to benefit from underfloor heating throughout your home, you’ll probably have radiators. At the very least you are likely to have a heated towel rail in the bathroom. Of course, there are simple, standard radiators that work perfectly well and I’m not saying there is anything wrong with them, but I don’t think anyone is calling them a design feature. If budget will allow, consider something a little extra special to give your home that super fancy look.

Top row (left to right):

  1. A lick of paint is a great way to give your radiator an upgrade, and it’s ideal for sprucing up old ones. Try painting the same colour as the wall but in an eggshell finish. The effect is subtle and classy. Walls and radiator in Brassica No.271, chair in Cornforth White® No.228 – all Farrow & Ball.
  2. Tall panel radiators are the ideal for contemporary settings. The style is discreet and minimal, plus it’s a great spacesaver. For an ultra-sleek look, try setting it into the wall for a barely there appearance. Matrix radiator from MHS Radiators.
  3. Channel locker room chic and keep your bum warm with the Multisec Bench from MHS Radiators. Perfect for hallways, boot rooms and conservatories.
  4. Forgo the ladder style bathroom towel rails we see everywhere and opt for a sleek panel design instead like the Niva Soft radiator from MHS Radiators featuring a handy towel arm.

Bottom row (left to right):

  1. Break the mould and display brightly coloured radiators with pride rather than trying to disguise them. Bisque have recently brought out a range of ‘Dusky Pastel’ colours for the Classic range and I think they’re simply gorgeous!
  2. Enhance a period property with period features such as traditional cast iron radiators. There are several companies who sell original products but there are also some great repro options available too, such as this Balmoral radiator from Cast Iron Radiator Centre.
Woodwork, plasterwork and mouldings

When undertaking renovation work, this is a detail that many people mistakenly leave until the end of a project to consider. Features such as skirting boards, picture rails, dado rails, architraves etc. are incredibly important, particularly in traditional properties. If your home benefits from deep Georgian skirting boards or an elegant Victorian picture rail, you’ll want to make the most of it. Similarly, draw attention to plasterwork such as intricate cornicing or a decorative ceiling rose as they’re desirable and give character to your home. Even with contemporary interiors where period style features are not appropriate, you may want to consider removing existing mouldings for a modern, clean-lined look.

Make sure you look into your options and make selections during the design process, before you start work, as they may have an affect on other areas of your project. For example, a tall skirting board may require the sockets being moved higher up the wall and a dado or picture rail will need to be factored in if you are having inbuilt joinery. Even if you choose not to have any skirting boards at all, the plasterer will need to be informed so that the wall can be plastered all the way down to the floor.

A great way to highlight woodwork and plasterwork features is using colour. Our eyes are drawn to contrasts in colour so if you want to bring attention to a particular area, use it as the point at which the colour changes, or paint it a completely different colour altogether. Just remember that brilliant white is never the answer.

All images from Farrow & Ball. See image captions for product details.

 Switches and sockets
Forbes & Lomax – the Painted Socket range

If you are a regular reader of this blog (and if not, you totally should be!) then hopefully I have managed to instil into you the importance of lighting in interiors. Incorporated into this subject is switches and sockets. You should consider quantity and position of these items based on your lifestyle and room layouts. For example, if you have a sofa in the centre of a room and would like a lamp next to it, consider installing a floor socket to avoid a trailing cable creating a trip hazard. In addition, designer switch and socket plates are a lovely addition to give that added touch of luxury. I’m a big fan of Forbes & Lomax products such as the painted socket range that can be painted the same colour as the wall.

Read more advice about switches and sockets here.

Hopefully these ideas has got the ball rolling and you’re now in the perfect mindset to think about all the little details of your interiors project. Houzz ideabooks and Pinterest boards are really useful for collating ideas and inspiration, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to make lists. There are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to home renovation and interior design. Giving yourself time and space to plan it all out carefully will ensure you don’t miss anything. The outcome – a beautiful, functional home!

J x

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