Decorating with ironmongery

An often overlooked feature, ironmongery is like the jewellery of interior design. Not in a blingy kind of way, I’m not talking glitter wallpaper and rhinestone sofas. Although if that’s your thing, then good for you! This is more like your favourite watch; a subtle accessory with a functional purpose. From window catches to door furniture, there is a whole multitude of items to consider with a seemingly endless choice from intricate, antique finds to sleek, contemporary styles. This is one of those little things that add an effortless sense of style to a home. It’s almost imperceptible, but the difference it makes is enormous. Here are just a few examples to get those creative juices flowing. Go forth and accessorise!

Feature image: Antique brass ironmongery from Willow & Stone

Door handles

This is such a simple little item that so many people forget about. Take into account the style of your doors and property as a whole. Traditional handles like brass beehive door knobs look gorgeous in period properties but would look out of place in a Scandi style interior. Similarly, a contemporary chrome handle may look chic in a modern home but risks looking cheap on an original Victorian door. Hinges and other hardware may steer you in a direction but you don’t need to worry about everything matching. For example, forged iron handles work perfectly well with a brass hinge. And don’t forget to check the type of latch on your door to make sure you get the right type of handle.

From left to right: Victorian style brass rope twist door knobs, £45.50 per pair from Willow & StoneAluminium hand shake door handle, £56.00 from Rockett St George; Large ceramic enter/exit door knobs, £25.00 from Graham & Green; Aged nickel reeded lever handles, £48.50 per pair from Willow & Stone

Cabinet knobs and handles

Replacing cabinet knobs and handles is a quick and easy update and adds a unique quality to an item of furniture. Whether you’re upcycling a vintage piece or putting personal touches to a plain flatpack unit, new handles are an invaluable design tool. By introducing a bespoke element, it naturally achieves a more expensive look. It’s also ideal for adding detail to kitchen cabinets and fitted joinery. I tried to just pick a few but there are so many that I couldn’t narrow it down! Here’s a selection of my favourites from the beautiful to the quirky!

Clockwise from top left: Distressed gold arrow handle, £6.50 from Rockett St George; Chrome card frame with pull – Large, £3.50 from Willow & Stone; Boston Terrier head ceramic knob, £23.00 from Graham & Green; Pineapple ceramic knob, £23.00 from Graham & Green; Leather drawer pulls, £4.20 by Bengjy Minu on Etsy; Distressed antique brass cupboard catch, £22.25 from Willow & Stone

Entrance door

Upgrade your front door to instantly boost your curb appeal. Subtle elements like a quirky door knocker or exquisite house numbers will ensure your house is the best looking on the street…and because nothing says welcome like a woodpecker door knocker.

Clockwise from left: Flowering branch house numbers, £10.00 from Anthropologie; Small brass letterplate with fixed pull, £59.50 from Willow & Stone; Woodpecker door knocker, £34.00 from Anthropologie; Cast iron bell with ornate bracket, £12.50 from Willow & Stone

Window catches

As with door furniture, window fittings should be considered carefully to ensure they complement the style of your window and property. There are plenty of options to choose from for all types of windows (casement, sash, French etc.), and again, a variety of styles. Beautiful windows can be a huge selling point, particularly in period properties. Many newer buildings have uPVC windows, so if you are lucky enough to have something a bit more attractive then make a feature out of them. By decorating with some beautiful hardware, it’ll catch the eye and draw attention to your windows leading to some serious house envy from your guests.

Clockwise from bottom left: Manson window stay in matt black, £17.40 for 25cm from Jim LawrenceBrass beehive sash window fastener, £21.50 from Willow & Stone; Shepherd’s crook espangnolette in pewter, £25.50 from Willow & Stone; pair of Victorian/Georgian brass sash window lifts, £60.00 from Architectural Decor

Locks and bolts

Whether you’re enjoying a well-deserved soak in the tub or tackling that crossword, these beauties will prevent any annoying interruptions. And they look pretty good too!

From left to right: Vacant/engaged lock in distressed antique brass, £81.50 from Willow & Stone; Regency style cast iron rim latch, £67.00 from Willow & Stone; Arts & Crafts nickel bolt, £37.50 from Architectural Decor

So as you can see, there’s quite the selection. From traditional to quirky to contemporary, it’s all available. With that in mind, don’t go for something boring, or worse, ugly! Just because a piece of furniture or a new door comes with a handle included, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Find something a little bit gorgeous and accessorise your home with ironmongery. You won’t regret it!

J x

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