Winter warmers

Holy moley it’s cold out there! Although I’m not really complaining that much, it’s January so it’s supposed to be cold, unlike the weirdly spring-like Christmas we had. The good thing is, when it’s cold outside we can light a fire or whack up the heating and curl up inside all warm and toasty. So when it’s a bit chilly outside, here are a few little luxuries I love to make my home a cosy haven of loveliness.


You can’t beat a good candle for instant cosiness. I’m a bit obsessed to be honest, I fill my house with them like I’m holding a seance. I’ve splashed out on a Jo Malone treat for myself but when I’m not in the mood for scented candles like when I’m eating (as I often am) I’ll pop a few tea lights in a few votives. One of my favourites is my Luna Mini ceramic tea light holder from Luna Lighting. A perfect solution to that pack of 100 you bought on your last trip to Ikea.

Mini ceramic tea light holders from Luna Lighting
Cosy throw

When the temperature drops, find something snuggly to curl up in. If I could swaddle myself like a baby, I totally would. Here’s a gorgeous faux sheepskin one from Graham & Green.

Faux sheepskin blanket from Graham & Green

The days are short so embrace it and turn the lights down low. Off with the overhead lighting and on with the lamps to create that warm and cosy atmosphere. Plus, everyone looks better in soft lighting. Bonus! Can you imagine how lovely the light would be with this beautiful feather table lamp from Rockett St George?

Feather table lamp from Rockett St George
Cashmere socks

Keep your toes toasty with a pair of super soft cashmere socks, the ultimate in luxury! Check out these babies from Lowie. With these on, you’ll never want to leave the house.

Cashmere socks from Lowie

What are your favourite home comforts to banish the winter blues? Leave a comment for me below. If anyone needs me I’ll be under a blanket with a cup of tea. Send cake.

J x

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