New year, new blog!

We’re seven days into January and I’ve decided to kick off the new year by starting a blog. Ta da! I know, everyone else has been blogging for ages so I’m (fashionably) late but here I am and, as they say, the party don’t start ’til I walk in…

So what does the new year hold for us apart from resolutions, empty wallets and going back to work? Aside from all this doom and gloom there’s a whole host of exciting new stuff to look forward to! I’ve been browsing the new 2016 trends in interiors to perk up my mood and here a few of my favourites.

Two tone kitchens
Image from Apartment Therapy
Image from Apartment Therapy

This is actually trickier than it looks as it can look a little dated but done well it can look stunning, adding interest, colour and focus to the kitchen. I’m a fan of this trend and have been trying to get my sister to two tone paint her kitchen units for some time. Maybe I’ll just break into her flat and do it while she’s out.

The obvious choice would be to have your base units and wall cupboards different colours – a strong, classic look – but don’t forget the alternatives. Standalone units such as islands, dressers and larder cupboards can be finished in a contrasting colour or material to create a focal point or use open shelves, splashbacks or worktops  to add a pop of colour. As well as different colours, consider varying textures, finishes and even patterns.

Dark green
Image from Studio Oink
Image from Studio Oink

Not teal, not forest, not emerald, I’m talking a seriously dark and sumptuous green.

Moody hues of greys, blues and purples have been popular for some time now but this deep dark green is often overlooked. It’s so beautiful though isn’t it? Use it on walls, furniture, upholstery, ceilings, anywhere! Pair with aubergine for maximum gorgeousness.

Image from The Guardian
Image from The Guardian

My mother will vouch that I have fingers of death when it comes to plants. Most of my attempts at keeping indoor plants have resulted in their untimely demise or being rescued by Mummy Chong. Fortunately for me, I now have a green fingered husband so I can embrace this year’s outside inside trend! I’d love a fig tree but my house is a bit small so I might opt for some hanging planters to avoid taking up floor space.

Whether it’s a beautiful indoor tree, hanging terrariums, a herb wall or a delicate fern, get some green into your home! For those of you that aren’t so green fingered and don’t want to marry someone just to take care of the gardening, there are plenty of fantastic artificial products available.

natural materials

Don’t just think wood. This is about bamboo, natural stone, soft linen sofas with faux fur throws next to a concrete planter with your new indoor tree (see what I did there?)

Mix up the textures to keep it from looking too matchy matchy and add metallics and glass to glam it up a bit if you fancy it.


I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think and tell me which are your favourite 2016 trends.

J x

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